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Trucking Insurance in Knoxville, TN

You pride yourself on being a safe driver and always getting your load intact from point A to point B. It’s what you do, and you do it well, but there are times when other drivers aren’t so focused on what they are doing, and incidents may happen. For those times, or others when a routine trip becomes not so routine, you need insurance. Not only that, but the law also requires you to have it.

We know it can be confusing to purchase trucking insurance in Knoxville, TN, and that’s why we are prepared to help you with the process.

We are dedicated to our customers. Give us a call, and we can discuss your needs and help you find answers quickly.

Trucks We Insure

At Insurance House, Inc., we provide insurance for trucking businesses of all sizes, so you know that you will get the coverage you need from us. Our company has been around for a long time, and that means we are familiar with all aspects of the trucking industry. When you come to us, you are in capable hands, as we speak your language and know what you need as a trucker. We specialize in tractor trailer and dump truck risks.

Trucking Businesses We Insure

We can insure you if you use your truck in any of the following businesses:

  • All types of radius risks accepted
  • All types of dry freight haulers and refrigerated haulers
  • Hot shots and towing businesses
  • Auto haulers
  • Logs etc.

Types of Coverage We Provide

Our insurance coverage for truckers is extensive. We strive to meet all your needs with policies that provide the peace of mind, which comes from knowing that you have the support you want. You will find that it’s good to have that confidence every time you get behind the wheel. We offer coverage that meets the needs of today's trucker, including:

  • Commercial Auto Liability Coverage ( Need an ICC filing? We can help)
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
  • Physical Damage Insurance
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Non-Trucking Liability Insurance
  • Bonds and much more

We have a wide variety of the top insurance providers available. We are committed to providing the highest quality insurance products at the most competitive premiums.

Contact us to learn more about the coverage we provide. We proudly serve truckers in Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding area.